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Fear and loathing in a G-set

Tonight, I caught the 5:15 Martin Place - Port Kembla train from Town Hall to Sutherland. Usually it's a very civilised and peaceful train.

Not so tonight. I boarded the train at town hall, and headed downstairs where I spotted an empty aisle seat. So I sit down, next to me is an older lady who was sewing. While this is not usually a problem, this woman decided she had a right to use up as much space as she desired without any regard for other passengers.

She's sewing away, waving her arms all over the place - constantly elbowing me and waving her sewing needle in my face. By the time we get to Redfern, I'd decided to ask her to stop. She replied with "Well you didn't have to sit there". I wasn't even taking up all my seat, she she didn't seem to understand that she was taking up more room than she should. Explaining this to her was a lost cause, she just kept sewing.

Gallery 2.0 Released

Gallery 2.0 Released.

I've been running the beta and RC versions of Gallery2 for a while now, and it seems ok. I've upgraded Dorksville Gallery to the release version of Gallery2.

Most unusual junk mail

Today I received a padded envelope containing junk mail. Inside was a letter offering SNMP monitoring for $35/month - I've received many of these letters from this company in the past few months.

Today's was different. The padded envelope also contained a toy MLRS Army Rocket Launcher.

Still not as funky as the free 128meg USB flash drive I got off Pacific Internet.

Canon RC-1 Remote Control

While out taking photos for the ZGeek September photo contest, I decided to go and ask Fletchers why my Canon RC-1 remote control is taking so long to arrive (it's been two months now - apparently Canon Australia have stock control problems). What do I see on the EOS shelf? An RC-1 remote! WTF?!

Turns out that Fletchers lost my order! $%#^!

So now I have my remote, which I originally ordered for the JULY ZGeek photo contest... oh well, I still managed 3rd place without it.

Canberra Zoo

Julie has finally posted her photos from Canberra Zoo, and they're AMAZING. You can see them at

Julie has the same model camera as I have, it's very tempting to go and retake all the photos - when we went to Canberra I only had my old camera!

Dorksville downtime

Dorksville blew a power supply on Saturday. Yay for 6 year old no-name chinese quality componants.

Oh well.. $45 for a 400w no-name made-in-china replacement :)

Salary Survey

The latest Michael Page salary survey is out.


Now I know Jam works for them, but they're either idiots or bastards.

It seems that Primus have been moving their voice services over to ULL, which cuts off other ISPs ADSL services. This guy was on an iinet dslam and had primus voice services, and now he's had his ADSL removed because primus moved his line to ULL. They realised their "mistake" and provisioned him with Primus ADSL. 3 weeks later he finally gets everything back to how it was.

I'd be seriously pissed if they did that to me.

Sw's blog

Yay! Sw finally got his blog back up and running. If you want to read all about his life, go here!

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