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Party Party Party

Yet another family member is getting married. This time it's my cousin Derek (or DB as he seems to prefer) in a year from now. It will be my 5th family wedding in 3 years.

Derek and Belinda held their engagement party this weekend in Newcastle. DB actually had to book the venue BEFORE he popped the question to Belinda - thanks to all the Christmas parties that seem to happen at this time of year.

DB, for those who won't know, does breakfast radio on NXFM in Newcastle. Damo will be best man, and was MC for the night. Steve gave a speech and Jackie O also turned up (DB used to be her producer at 2DAY FM).

Photoshop Fun

I was sitting in my office yesterday afternoon when one of my cow-orkers comes rushing in asking if I had a pair of binoculars. He'd probably seen the box that's been sitting on my bench for the last week - I bought them to go to Western Plains Zoo.

Apparently there was a woman sunbathing in the nude on a nearby rooftop. Bad luck for the cow-orker, as I didn't have either my camera or my binocs at work.

Damaged Printer

After receiving a quote for almost $2300 to get a printer repaired, we decided it was time to replace it with a new one.

The new printer was delviered yesterday, and after unpacking it I discovered it was damaged - the LCD screen was cracked, and the side panel was broken.

Kyocera say they will be here tomorrow with a new printer.

Airbus A380 arrives in Sydney

Early this morning I, along with several hundred other people, gathered at the tip of Mrs Macquaries Point on Sydney harbour to get a look at the new Airbus A380 whalejet. F-WWOW is in town to help Qantas celebrate its 85th birthday, after leaving Singapore it headed to Brisbane to be decked out in Qantas logos and then flew to Sydney for a photo shoot over Sydney harbour.

I'm not a huge fan of Airbus aircraft, however I liked the A380 more than I thought I would. It was really bloody quiet for starters, and the big forehead wasn't as bad as I expected.

Western Plains Zoo

Shelley & I went to Dubbo Zoo this weekend. We stayed at the Carrington hotel in Katoomba on friday night, and somehow got the same room sw had at our wedding! Unlike sw, I was sensible and didn't get changed in front of the window :)


Does anybody else get redirected to /profile.php (404 error) when you try to get to zgeek from a link on another website?

Sid Meier's CivIV (or Civ4 to those of us not playing the Romans)

Sid has responded to some questions asked by Slashdot.

Civ4 is due out any day now.

I wonder when the Civ4 Dev Team will get around to answering their questions.

Broken Computers

The boss brought his sister-in-law's computer in for me to fix today. It's a fairly new HP Pentium4 2.6GHz.

Looks like somebody knocked the monitor plug a bit too hard, and broke it off the motherboard.

MicroATX motherboard, no AGP slot.. well look on the bright side - I've finally found a use for that old 2meg S3 Trio64 PCI card I've had sitting in a box for the last 7 years.

New Logo

Yes, I finally got around to putting up the logo that Neolokie designed.

thanks Rob!

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