Cuddly Knut

BERLIN, Germany Knut the polar bear cub has become the center of attention in a Berlin zoo, but the white little bundle of joy doesn’t know that his life could've been cut short, were it not for much public support and love.

The bear, named Knut, is being raised by a zookeeper in Berlin after being rejected by his mother. He escaped lethal injection after animal rights activists said he would be better off dead. The animal rights activists insisted that hand-raising this animal is a gross violation of animal protection laws. They claim that the zoo is condemning the bear to a dysfunctional life and should therefore put him to death.

Seriously, WTF? His animal rights are being violated, so we should kill him?

Large predators such as [url=]Tigers and Lions[/url] have been hand-raised from birth before, and they seem happy enough (probably more so than their wild brothers and sisters). I can't see why a polar bear should be any different.

I'd feel much better if we give that wacko animal rights activist the leathal injection instead.