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and justice for some

Freedom is something we take for granted here, we are pretty lucky, no wars on our doorstep, relative affluence. Even scum of the earth murderers and rapists have a lawyer, a fair trial and are excluded from society for a couple of years, in gaol's that, in comparison to other parts of the world, are like a hotel. Because even vile humans have rights.
It's because of these rights that USA had to torture suspects offshore, Maher Arar was sent to Syria to be tortured. He says here [url][/url] that the severe torture inflicted upon him would force him to say anything the torturers wanted to hear. What a way to get accurate and reliable information...

My computer illiteracy and why geeks are useful

I finished the assignment around midnight the night before it was due. ‘Ahh, hard parts over’ I thought. All I had to do now was burn it onto a disc as the lecturer insisted it be submitted either on disc or uploaded. Then everything went wrong….

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Lying for the greater good

I lied again! But but but I was forced to! Sw held a gun to my head. Ok that's a lie too
And it was such a horrible lie "No there will be no celebration of you turning 30, we tried but all of your friends hate you" Well, your friends are lame and can't be bothered was closer to what was claimed. That was clearly a lie though, everyone turned up! Awwww the love. Sometimes lying is good *nod*

Oops I did it again

I rang my acupuncturist and left a message on her answering machine apologising for not being able to come in to my appointment the following day because "I have to go go work early"
That was a lie, I didn't have to go to work any earlier, I just couldn't be bothered going to the appointment. Does lying to a machine count??

But I never lie!

I was talking to Jam about my lying diary and said "I only lie to cover up for my disorganisation and poor time management skills...I NEVER lie!!"
I said never, thats a lie, I do lie, see I just did it.
I should've said RARELY lie. Especially in comparison to complusive liars I've known that spin whoppers like "I did martial arts in Japan and killed someone when I was 10". I've busted friends lying to me, one told me about a major event in her life, then months later I remembered it and she didn't. Perhaps she has a poor memory, I doubt it though.

I :) on mIRC but wasn't actually smiling

Melanie's lying diary

We started a new unit yesterday 'Ethics in Education', I sat down as the lecturer asked us all how we were, we chorused "gooooood", she then asked if we had lied just then. I don't really think pretending to be good is a lie...people don't go around saying "I've had an absolutely horrible day...thanks for asking". As soon as someone says "not good" they are forced into revealing why. Anyway the lecturer made a very good point regarding habitual lying.
We have to keep a lying diary for 2 weeks, so i thought I'd blog it, that way I can't lose it.

Thursday August 10-

I lied about how I was- I wasn't good, I was grumpy and wanted to be in bed.

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