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Sid Meier's CivIV (or Civ4 to those of us not playing the Romans)

Sid has responded to some questions asked by Slashdot.

Civ4 is due out any day now.

I wonder when the Civ4 Dev Team will get around to answering their questions.

Broken Computers

The boss brought his sister-in-law's computer in for me to fix today. It's a fairly new HP Pentium4 2.6GHz.

Looks like somebody knocked the monitor plug a bit too hard, and broke it off the motherboard.

MicroATX motherboard, no AGP slot.. well look on the bright side - I've finally found a use for that old 2meg S3 Trio64 PCI card I've had sitting in a box for the last 7 years.

Darth Tooth

OK, so I havent been to the dentist in a few years. I've been a vewy naughty boy.

Turns out I had a massive cavity in one of my teeth, ended up with about 1/2 of it being a metalic filling, the other half tooth.

My new dentist is far better than my last one. I didn't feel a thing while he carved out 1/2 my tooth.

Since it is half machine and half human, I shall call it Darth Tooth.

ADMA Do-Not-Call list

Sick of Telemarketing calls? Register with the Australian Direct Marketing Association's Do Not Contact list.

Orson Scott Card reviews Serenity

Orson Scott Card, writer of some really great science fiction (Ender's Game etc) has reviewed the new Joss Whedon movie, Serenity - the movie version of the tv show Firefly (which I only ever saw one episode of, but which I'll be chasing up after seeing this movie this week.. damn it was awesome :-) Makes good reading and the movie, good viewing ;-)

The review

Holy load average Batman!

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So I added 200 photos to the gallery, then told the whole office about them.

They were photos from Monday night's netball game, which was my first attempt at indoor sports photography. I didn't do too badly, and I certainly learnt from the experience.

The photos are here.

Civilization Anonymous!

Finally a site for those of us with severe Civilization addiction! See others with the same affliction and share their experiences!

(The movie is particularly informative!)


Another update! Release notes from Sid Meier himself!!

Civ4 Release Notes

Car Crash Safety

Made In China. no thanks. check out these two video clips of a crash test.

External view

Internal view

NSW Railways 150th birthday

This weekend marks the 150th birthday of railways in NSW. Central Station was host to a large display of locos and rollingstock on display this weekend. I spent about 6 hours there yesterday and still didn't manage to see it all.

Pictures can be viewed in My Gallery, and more information can be seen at the Railcorp website.

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