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Taronga Zoo

On Saturday, we went to Taronga Zoo in Sydney. Recently we've been to Western Plains Zoo at Dubbo, and Canberra Zoo (which, obviously, is in Canberra). We've also recently been to the Australian Repile Park, at Gosford.


I recently bought an EOS 300 film camera from Rob. It works well with my existing EOS equipment, and I'd like a backup camera for our overseas trip later this year.

On Sunday I managed to take some photos, mainly of flowers in my grandparent's garden, and also some of my cousin Lisa. I need a decent flash - the built-in flash on the 350D is weak, the one on the 300 is even worse. A Speedlight 580EX and EF 100-400mm are next on my shopping list.

Most of the film photos turned out reasonably well, the digital ones look far better compared with scanned film, but that's the fault of my scanner.

3801 Grey Nurse

Steam loco 3801 is back on the rails, after having new tyres put on, and a new coat of paint. Last week it ran a test trip down to Wollongong, I was lucky enough to be home that day (we were going to Ettalong that weekend) so I wandered down to the station carpark to have a look.

A few minutes after I arrived, Supersix and his mate rock up in their delivery truck - and climb on the roof for a better view. They invited me up there, so we all had a great view of 3801 as it stopped right in front of us while waiting for the signal to clear.

Ettalong Beach

I won the first prize in the office christmas raffle - two nights at the Outrigger Ettalong Beach, about 90 minutes north of Sydney.

We decided that the weekend just gone would be the perfect time to get away for the weekend, so I took friday off work as Shelley finishes at 2:30pm and I thought it would be better to avoid the friday afternoon traffic jam on the F3.

Firefox -v- MSIE

Today I found a really stupid website. It's a blog powered by wordpress. If you visit it using Internet Explorer, it displays the page as it should be. Two seconds later it throws up a stupid screen saying that this site isn't compatible with IE and that you should use Firefox instead.

Wordpress works fine with IE - this guy is just fighting some stupid religious war, and religious wars are just plain stupid.

What bullshit. I guess that guy doesn't want 90% of the internet to read his blog. I use IE, Firefox and Opera, yeah Firefox is ok - but it has problems just like IE does.

I just wish these morons would stop trying to force other people to do what they think is best. Looking at this idiot's blog in Opera, it appears he's in year 9 at school. Does this 14 year old really think he knows better than me?


I've finally got the Internode BADSL2+ connection up and running - despite Internode being slackers about sending me the router. The link has been active for a week, but the router still isn't here - every time I call them they tell me it will be here in two days... The crazy part is they start billing you within 24 hours of the service being used, OR 7 DAYS. So they're going to bill me without me being able to use the service. A serious wtf there guys.

I've plugged a cheap Linksys WAG54Gv2 in while I'm waiting on the new Cisco 877, as I really needed to kill the old AAPT 512k frame link, as it was costing waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much money.

Loud Speaker Kit

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a pair of M5 Bookshelf speakers from LSK.

They take a while to put together.. as they need to dry overnight, and then need several coats of varnish.

Well, I've finally finished them. I'm still waiting on Harvey Norman to get the amp I want in stock, so I can't actually use them yet.

We have a lot of ass here!

[Wed-18 09:24] (sw0rk) starting ot get a lot of activity on my blog
[Wed-18 09:24] (Matt_R) heh
[Wed-18 09:24] (Matt_R) "ass"
[Wed-18 09:24] (sw0rk) hahaha
[Wed-18 09:24] (Matt_R) "we have a lot of ass here"
[Wed-18 09:25] (Matt_R) and you get hits.. amazing
[Wed-18 09:25] (Matt_R) who'd have thunk it

see Sw's blog for more ass photos.

Santa & the 3 Wire

`Twas the night before Christmas out here where I am.
Not a creature was stirring, not even Saddam.
The stockings were hung in the ready room with care,
in hopes that care packages soon would be there.

The J.O.'s were snuggled in their racks nice and tight,
Wishing to sleep until noon with all their might.
I closed my eyes & settled down in my rack
we had just completed our most recent night trap.

When out on the roof we heard such a clatter
that we clambered on deck to see what was the matter.
Away to the kneeknocker we flew like a flash,
I tripped on my flip-flops and opened quite a gash.

Zensonic z500 and Internode Radio

I've finally gotten Internode radio working on the z500 - by manually editing the XML file containing the list. Thankfully Zensonic included wget so I could make up the list on my favourite text editor, instead of having to use the evil, evil, vi that is included on the z500's linux distro.

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